Tel Aviv, Israel


Founded: 1909 A.D.  

Head of Government: Mayor Ron Huldai

Population: 402,600

Area: 52 km2    

Main Industries:   IT, Wholesale/Retail, Banking/Finance, Tourism

Tel Aviv-Yafo is currently leading Tel Aviv Global City - a municipal and national initiative aimed at elevating the city's global standing. The main target of the initiative is to position the city as a global business and cultural center by focusing on the city's unique values and assets.

Greater Tel Aviv is already known as a center of technological companies and services, and a creative hub for entrepreneurs of all sorts. The Tel Aviv Global City initiative is a 10-year process that will result in a leap of the city's centrality, attractiveness and relevance. 

Tel Aviv’s per capita income is around $5,000 leaving room for growth and development. With an increase in the IT sector and over a million visitors per year that growth is already under way. Tel Aviv has a large pool of 370,000 employees to drive each sector forward and two large universities including a number of technical schools to provide an educated work force. 

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