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Foreign Offices Promote Business Growth

Casa San Antonio is the direct link to Mexico for all of our partners and the San Antonio business community.  We reinforce your business strategies by providing in-country logistical and communications support. Our Casa program assists companies interested in exporting products and services to Mexico, facilitates imports and investment opportunities by developing international partnerships. We’re committed to creating mutually beneficial business partnerships for your company, around the world.

Business Matchmaking

This service provides companies that need assistance in finding useful international business matches. The Casa San Antonio puts the network of key contacts, chambers of commerce, and trade organizations, to meet the specific needs of your company by providing a vetted list of companies willing to discuss business opportunites.  


Customized Trade Missions

One of the most effective ways to do business continues to be face-to-face. Trade missions are 2-3 day business visits to meet with prescreened companies selected to meet the needs of your company or organization. These missions also include business matchmaking, communication assistance, and transportation. Trade missions are organized in conjunction with the Free Trade Alliance of San Antonio.

History of the Casa San Antonio Program

Founded  during Mayor Lila Cockrell’s tenure (1981-1989).

 In 1991 as an extension of the sister city program, San Antonio first initiated the program with Guadalajara (1991) and then Monterrey (1992). The last casa to be opened was in Mexico City (1995).

The Constitution of the Casa in Mexico City was signed as a nonprofit organization on September 27, 1995 in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Notary no. 17 Mario Camarena Rosas by a board leadered by Mayor William E. Thornton.

The new constitution was signed in Mexico City on July 2 nd , 2008 with Public Notary Number 89 Gerardo Correa Etchegaray, by its Board of Directors

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