Jalisco, Mexico

Founded: 1531 

Head of Government: Mayor Ismael del Toro Castro
Population: 1,600,940 

Area: 70.3 sq. mi

Elevation: 5,141.06 ft

Main Industries: Food & beverages, toys, textiles, auto-parts, agriculture products, information technology

Having celebrated their 460th anniversary in 2002, Guadalajara has a rich history that combined with its growing economy, makes it an exciting and dynamic city. Due to an increase in foreign investment and the recent boom in manufacturing, Guadalajara has rapidly become a major center for economic growth and development in Mexico.

Although known for its beautiful scenery and historic monuments, Guadalajara is referred to as the “Silicon Valley” of Mexico. The city has been able to establish significant levels of companies involved in Information Technology, Innovation, and Services to ensure its prosperity.

Crowned the 2nd largest distribution and retail center in Mexico, Guadalajara has proven to be a destination of opportunity. Major sub-sectors include automotive parts, electronics, animation, metal working and processed foods. Each of these industries has contributed a significant amount to Mexico’s constant 5% increase in GDP over the last 6 years.

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