Founded: Late 17th century

Head of Government: Acting Mayor Hsu Li-Ming

Population: 2,778,992

Area: 59.46 sq. mi

Elevation: 27 ft

Main Industries: agriculture, manufacturing, refinery

The city of Kaohsiung is a special municipality and the island’s largest industrial center. It has stayed abreast of Taiwan’s recent progress and prosperity. The city strides into the 21 st century as a new emerging international metropolis by constantly expanding and modernizing. 

The city of Kaohsiung is the 2 nd largest city in Taiwan with 1.51 million inhabitants. The city is a major center for manufacturing, refining, and transportation. Studies demonstrate that the majority of Taiwan’s oil is imported through this port. 

At present, the industrial development in Kaohsiung City moves toward the precision industry of high-tech, automation, high-add values and low-pollution. It is a fishing center and the southern port for Taiwan. In the fishing industry, Kaohsiung City is first in deep-sea fishing in Taiwan and one of the best in the world. 

Taiwan is the 17 th largest economy in the world and 14 th largest importer. The service industry has dominated the local market by making up over 60% of the GDP.

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Kaohsiung City Seal