Founded: 1588

Head of Government: Mayor Kazufumi Onishi

Population: 670,113

Area: 102.80 sq. mi

Elevation: 5,223 ft

Main Industries: electrical equipment, machinery, agriculture

In ancient times, Kumamoto flourished as the castle town of the ruling Daimyo Hosokawa feudal clan. From this legacy, Kumamoto has inherited an abundance of cultural and historical sites, making Kumamoto City a wonderful place to visit. Kumamoto Castle, one of the three most famous castles in Japan is representative of the majesty and grandeur of Kumamoto City and a prime example how their arts and culture program have contributed to understanding. In addition, Kumamoto sent living national treasures to construct an authentic Japanese garden, the Kumamoto En at the San Antonio Botanical Center. In exchange, San Antonio sent an authentic 19 th century prairie cabin to Kumamoto’s Botanical Center.

Kumamoto’s economic strength has given its citizens a reasonable standard of living. The city has strong economic ties with China, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Japan has risen to be the 2 nd most technologically powerful economy in the world after the United States. Japan has managed to bridge the gaps between manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in order to improve efficiency. Today its GDP is estimated to be over $4.218 trillion with a real growth rate of 2.2%.

As a result of our long sister city relationship with Kumamoto, we were gifted our famous Kumamoto En by the city of Kumamoto in 1989.Please click here for more information on the Kumamoto En. 

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Kumamoto City Seal