Nuevo Leon, Mexico   



Founded: 1596

Head of Government: Mayor Felipe de Jesús Cantu

Population: 3,684,845

Area: 332 sq. mi

Elevation: 1,740 ft

Main Industries: maquila industry, tourism, military

Monterrey is the chief center for industrial activity in Mexico.
Its proximity to the United States and its developed industrial base
have enhanced the Monterrey standard of living and made the
city a major center for commerce. Often called the “Industrial
Heart of Mexico,” Monterrey is home to over 13,000 manufacturers
who produce 9.4% of Mexico’s manufactured products. 

The recent economic boom in steel production, cement, glass,
and auto parts has lead to higher per capita incomes throughout
the city. A major part of this milestone is derived from the fact
that trade between Mexico, the United States, and Canada has
tripled since the implementation of NAFTA in 1994. Future
forecasts predict even more growth leading to an upgrade in
infrastructure, the creation of more jobs, and a stronger economy.

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