Top Ten Reasons To Invest in San Antonio

Unique Strategic Location
More than half of the trade flow between Mexico and the United States travels through San Antonio, a fact which underscores the importance of the city’s strategic location. San Antonio lies at the crossroads of major interstate highways and railroads serving both coasts, as well as the NAFTA corridor. Its proximity to the Port of Houston and direct access to other major ports,  such as Long Beach and Mexican port Lazaro Cardenas, further facilitates trade. In addition, the logistical functionality of your business may be enhanced through Port San Antonio, a multimodal logistics hub and business platform catering to Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin.
Booming Economy and Population
With a 4.9% annualized growth rate in real GDP (3Q 2007) and a 10% population increase in the past five years, San Antonio is outpacing the growth of other major United States cities.  As investors take note, Texas has become one of the top recipients of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the  United States .   Foreign-owned companies employ more than 400,000 people in Texas - more than any other state in the U.S.
Ideal Real Estate Market
San Antonio ’s real estate portfolio includes a large inventory of warehouses, distribution buildings, manufacturing space, office space, and more.   A large amount of land, at competitive rates, is available for the development of your business and for investment in residential projects.
Foreign Trade Zones
The city is home to ten Foreign Trade Zones distributed throughout the community -presenting an opportunity to exempt your product from the application of customs duties or government taxes until it leaves the zone.
Tax-Breaks and Exemptions
for Foreign Investors
Your business may benefit from a tax phase-in under certain conditions; specifically, if it qualifies as a high-tech, research, regional distribution, or manufacturing facility. San Antonio also provides additional incentives for locating in certain areas of the city. Bexar County allows for a personal property tax exemption for those companies that manage goods-in-transit or inventories in the manufacturing process. 
Financing Programs
San Antonio manages a resource pool of financial options for development projects offered by the South Texas Business Fund, the Small Business Administration, the Economic Development Administration as well as locally-created non-profit corporations such as the Industrial Development Authority and the Health Facilities Development Corporation. The Texas Enterprise Fund promotes economic development by offering resources for infrastructure and community development, training programs, and other business incentives.
Diverse, Qualified Workforce
Several renowned universities and research institutions call San Antonio home—the University of Texas Health Science Center and Southwest Research Institute just to name a few—and the Alamo Community College District offers customized training assistance for any company developing their business in San Antonio. The Alamo city has 11 major universities with over 100,000 students enrolled. As a result, we maintain a group of top-level professionals in many industry sectors. A diverse population characterized by a multiethnic and multilingual community positions San Antonio for global success.
Professional Support
The city has created a first response team that provides resources and information to address your business development needs.   Team members include the City’s International Affairs and Economic Development Departments, the Economic Development Foundation, and the UTSA International Trade Center , which all play a key and unique role in helping you establish in our community.  The San Antonio Free Trade Alliance also has an option for companies new the U.S. through their incubator program.  Finally, the network of established Chambers of Commerce supports new business ventures long after they have been established.
Superior Quality of Life
San Antonio has all the amenities of an urban area, coupled with outdoor activities offered by the magnificent Texas Hill Country, just minutes away. San Antonio boasts a nationally acclaimed symphony, Broadway shows, major museums and international touring companies that provide a great quality of life for all its residents. Not to mention we are home to four time and current NBA Champions: The San Antonio Spurs!
Many others agree!
  • Brookings Institute MetroMonitor found that San Antonio's economy remained among the nation's strongest in the third quarter of 2009. (San Antonio Express-News 12/15/2009)